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Colonial Campaigns

Camel Corps, standing camel type 1

Civvy Street

Mrs Cassidy and Spot

Alice's Adventures

Painting the roses red

Yeomanry and Volunteers

The Yorkshire Hussars

The Army, new modell'd

Ensign, The Lord General's Regiment (Coldstream)

Brasseagle Studios

There, sir, is the enemy

Nile Steamers and Gunboats

Yarrow & Co River Gunboat

Moors and Christians

Fila Cordon - Alcoy

A Miscellany

The Scorpion, Roman Army

Red Box Toy Soldiers started as an off-shoot of Mitrecap Miniatures, a small company producing white metal kit figurines during the late 1970's and 80's

Subsequently many of the these original kits were converted into toy-style figures and painted accordingly

The initial 'range' concentrated on the British and Colonial armies (Colonial Campaigns), especially those serving in Egypt and the Sudan in the 1880's and 90's

Other 'ranges' were added, along with later additions to supplement the initial release of Colonial Campaigns, until the late 1990's when other personal committments halted production and issue

Following a move to Spain, this site has been produced as a reference for collectors of these figures

A limited production of some of the original figures and the introduction of new items has begun - please enquire

Within this site, you will find the archive of our toy-style soldiers, collectables, diorama accesories and new additions to our ranges of figures

Also, you can access information about our products and how we produce them

Access to information to each of our ranges is from the list at the left of this page (the top in mobile view)


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