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Red Box Toy Soldiers - Controversial aspects of our products


We are aware that relatively recent changes in world and individual conciousness in respect of race, historical slavery and abuse of individuals by others have taken place  

Some aspects of our toy-style figures may appear contrary to an individual's current personal interpretation of historical thoughts and symbols

These may not have been regarded or interpreted in the same way at the time depicted by our products

We depict the Confederate army use of the St. Andrew's cross battle flag

This flag was used by each regiment as a rallying point during battle, and in part, as a symbol of the Confederacy on other flags - at the time, the use of this flag was generally regarded as a symbol of rebellion against the Union of American States

Of late, it is interpreted by some as a symbol of slavery or right wing tendencies  

There is no room in this world for slavery, exploitation or oppression

Sadly, all these traits, and more, still persist, with or without the use of these symbols

Our figures use these flags as historically representative items

Other figures which we produce are taken from the time of British (and other national) expansion of colonial power - it is history, and we ought not deny that it happened, but we all should take heed of its consequences, past and present

All our subjects are intended to represent strict historical context only, that is, as it happened and not how we see it now


We respect your right not to proceed further on this site should you so decide


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