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This range of figures came about in a strange way

I was approached by a toy soldier company to produce a series of camels and figures based on the existing standing camel produced in the Mitrecap range (MV9)

The masters were produced, and a limited production run was begun, but the firm became 'insolvent' before any payment for the masters was made - there was talk of the company being resurrected but I withdrew permission for them to use the masters, not without some heated discussion

I then decided that I would begin production of a limited range of camel-based figures in toy style - the limit gradually increased to what you will see described in this Red Box website

At least one production master figure escaped the insolvency, and found its way to another producer


The masters and many of the moulds for these figures still exist, and I get requests from time to time for the earlier figures (and the 'new' items)

Where it is possible to do so, figures can be made, but the service now is such that only short runs or one-offs are possible

Any figure with the buy now symbol shown below is feasible, but ...



Please remember that the 'new' paintstyle may not match exactly the 'original', largely because of the final finish being acrylic and not organic solvent based

Those who have purchased 'new' figures seem happy with the change

Since there are some 300 plus items in this range, we have 'split' the range into seven sections, by code number

CC001 - CC050

CC051 - CC100

CC101 - CC150

CC151 - CC200

CC201 - CC250

CC251 - CC300

CC301 -

Where you see this symbol under an item, it will allow you to order that item, but see our pages on

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You can select a quantity, and in some cases, alternative finishes to the figure