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The Red Box Toy Soldier Company

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Please read this information before you proceed to the checkout for your order - our 'system' is designed so that no information is stored other than on your computer, and securely with us, locally, on paper

How the 'system' works ...

Order your items from the individual product pages - each order can contain up to ten individual items or multiples of the item

Please complete the checkout form with your personal details and any comments or special instructions you may wish to add

Once you have completed it, you need to print it, and then either scan it or photograph it and keep this for your records

Send the scan to us at the e-mail address below, or you can Whatsapp the photo to us

Why do it this way? - the simple answer is that only your computer can see what you do when you construct the order

You will not get any irritating machine-generated e-mails reminding you to complete your order or 'have you seen this item of interest to you'

On receipt, we will acknowledge the order, either by e-mail or Whatsapp, and if necessary contact you for any clarification

We will then prepare your order - that is we will cast, clean and prepare the castings, prime and paint them according to your requirements

Once checked over, and packaged, the carriage costs will be obtained, and at that point we will contact you to tell you that your order is ready, how much the order value is inclusive of shipping costs, and agree with you a method of payment

We will not collect any data from you and store it electronically anywhere, other than on our local storage and with your permission

Credit card payments should be made via Paypal, or you can transfer money from your bank to ours, but only after we have mutually agreed the method of payment

We do not make any charge for packaging your figures - many of our figures do not lend themselves to 'conventional' packaging

Each different figure may be in its own style of packaging, hand-made by us and designed to protect your figures - figures will be carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue before being appropriately boxed

You will be informed when your order has been despatched, how it is being sent, and a copy of the despatch note will be sent to you

We will normally use Correos, our National postage provider, (who provide a tracking service), or a reliable delivery service

This 'system' may seem to be complicated, but we will ensure that no data is stored electronically other than securely with us


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