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Le Stanley - the original concept

'Le Stanley' was conceived by Alfred Yarrow, and made at the request of the King of the Belgians, for use in central Africa

The design concept required a shallow draught, and used the principle of sectional parts for ease of transport over land, then to be rapidly assembled on water by relatively unskilled labour

The illustration below shows the general pattern of steamer to be followed later, along with the method of transport of the sections

It should be noted that longitudinal stresses for this steamer were managed by tie rods, and it was powered by two locomotive boilers which supplied power to the stern-mounted paddlewheel

In use in the Congo, the lower deck was to be protected from the elements by an awning

The report from the London Illustrated News describes the vessel in more detail (unfortunately it is not a good copy), and also indicates the interest of the French Government for vessels to be used in the Far East



Illustrated London News, Jan 12 1884


An illustration showing 'Le Stanley' from a Yarrow & Co publication


Introduction - 'Le Stanley'

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