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Production of our figures
Casting metal
Wooden bases

Production of our figures

Master figure design and production, mould making, casting, finishing and painting are carried out by us, here in our village in Spain, in the best English and Spanish traditions of toy soldier manufacture

The whole process is 'artisanal', that is, 'handmade'; apart from two pieces of machinery (the mould press and the casting machine, everything is done by hand

Our toy-style collectables are, in the main, compatible with other toy-style, gloss painted figures produced today, though they can be supplied with a matte finish if required

They are produced in fine quality metal, and painted in a high gloss finish, using commercially available products from reputable manufacturers (see below)

They are not mass produced

We cast and paint to order, and therefore delivery is not immediate

They are produced and dispatched in the order in which we receive each individual request

The cost of our figures may vary due to fluctuations in metal price - you will be notified of the current price  


We use the terms 'toy soldier, toy soldier style, toy-style' and similar phrases as an indication of the way that our collectables are presented

They are most definitely not intended as playthings for children    

Casting metal

Our collectables are, in the main, made from fine quality alloys containing lead and tin, tin and silver, or in some cases lead and tin with the addition of antimony or bismuth, depending on the nature of the item to be produced

The metal we currently source uses the minimum amount of lead possible

As a material for producing figures, such metal is totally recyclable

Lead, as a metal, is relatively inert, but fine lead metal dust or soluble lead salts are cumulatively toxic by ingestion, and so we ensure that our painted figures are totally enclosed in a finish of non-toxic acrylic varnish to obviate any contact with the metal itself


We use high quality plaster materials for the majority of our diorama base accessories

These are modified and coloured with acrylic resins for strength and base undercolour

Detailing of these items is done using brass wire, copper wire, textile materials and natural materials from managed sources  


Our painted range of collectables is finished with paint products from reputable manufacturers sourced here in Spain, or from the UK or USA, and in the main are acrylic based, so as to reduce volatile solvent usage Apart from applying base primer with a hand spray, they are individually painted by hand here in our village  

Wooden bases

Where wooden bases are used or offered as extras (especially in our 'Shelf Scene' range), these are produced from good quality sustainably sourced ply board or mdf  

In this way, we try not to place a burden on the use of exotic woods

That said, we do hold a small stock of bases for displaying painted kit figures, but it is small and obtaining good bases now is often difficult and can be expensive depending on the wood  


Immediate packaging (that is packaging in immediate contact with, or protecting, the collectable) is sourced, wherever possible, from environmentally conscious suppliers  

Please bear in mind that some of our figures require special packaging depending on pose or to support specific fragile components

Where our products are for sale, we will include a packaged weight with the description - this will give you an idea of the weight of your finished order

Remember that there will be extra weight for final packing for shipping ( normally you should include about 20 - 25% extra for this)

We attempt to re-use and recycle good quality, clean outer packaging material and shipping cartons from local sources - where we can do this, there is no charge to you

When we pack orders, we try to use the lightest, non-plastic based material available to us for secure packaging and minimum weight

We do not add charges for 'packing'


Postage or other shipping charges are invoiced or charged at cost

Any customs duties or local sales taxes accrued are the responsibility of the purchaser who should bear this in mind when ordering

All packages will be despatched as a recorded delivery - it is a little more expensive than normal postal service, and carriers normally use this method

Correos (the Spanish postal service) aim to deliver within three days in Spain and four days in the European Union, but note that timings outside the European Union are dificult to estimate, especially now to the UK, since it has left the Union

We have found these timings to be generally good, but they can be ambitious

Here there are some hold-ups in the local services, and the timing may be a little out, due to local and national holidays, which appear many and various in Spain


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